Burton Gaar Releases Track “Hurricane Trouble” To Organize Relief Effort

From: Sound Ventures Records
Published: Fri Oct 21 2005

New Orleans, LA--October 20, 2005—Burton Gaar has been singing and playing the blues for many years now. Recent events have shaken our country and brought us together to help our fellow man. Now, never have the blues been more true to life than in Louisiana. Gaar is feeling the effects of the devastation of hurricane Katrina just like his brothers and sisters that call the delta their home. He decided to make a step in the right direction by recording and releasing "Hurricane Trouble," a rockin’ blues number to get all of that feeling across to the world in his music. Gaar encapsulates whom he is by saying- "I play the crap out of the blues." Indeed, he does, as the track is literal hurricane of blues guitar licks.

The objective of Gaar is to raise awareness of the need for aid in Louisiana. He wants to organize a benefit concert to assist musicians and their families that have lost everything due to the storm. The hope is that "Hurricane Trouble" will circulate quickly and jump-start the entire process of getting people together for the cause.

Gaar invites everyone to send an e-mail to him @ burtongaar@webtv.net and request a MP3 of the song, he will send it to you with hopes that you will pass it on to spread the word carried in the song. Louisiana and the victims of the hurricane need you and music is the best way to reach out and touch the masses. Acknowledge his efforts by sending him an e-mail and requesting the song today. In the spirit of brotherhood and good will listen to the song and then send it to as many people as you can.

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