Latest PDF and Image Conversion Software Released by 1-2-3FileConvert

From: Nooran Corp
Published: Fri Oct 21 2005

Nooran Corp. has just released the latest PDF and batch image conversion software for converting PDF and image files. This multi conversion tool named 1-2-3FileConvert can convert a PDF file to .doc or .rtf format, text to PDF format, and can batch convert and edit most of the popularly used image formats.

Currently most of the PDF converters in the market are limited to PDF functionality. This Windows PDF utility is unique as it can batch convert images also. This is a useful conversion utility for a large number of businesses and home users, who need to convert and edit PDF and graphic formats.

The software is very competitively priced considering the functionality of both batch image and PDF conversion. This document conversion software utility has the capability to capture a huge segment of the PDF software market because it offers image conversion, and the option to edit digital images also, at a price less than that of a regular PDF converter.

Here is what 1-2-3FileConvert PDF & Image Converter offers:

1-2-3FileConvert Image and PDF Converter Supports MS Office 97/2000/XP/2003.
This latest software addition in the PDF segment is a very useful software utility as a user can edit PDFs and images in addition to performing three conversion tasks:

1. Converts PDFs to Editable Word Documents: Creates easy-to-edit MS Word docs or .rtf documents from PDF files, retaining tables, text, and image layout. PDF files are converted into free flowing text. Any portion of the text can easily be edited.

2. Converts Text to PDF Files: Makes PDF files from text or Word documents. After editing a PDF file by converting it into the Word doc format, a user can simply generate a PDF from within the same Word document through a button in the toolbar area. This is a very useful feature, when one needs to edit/add to a PDF file. This feature also comes in handy to create a consolidated PDF file by merging multiple Word documents.

3. Batch Converts Images and Edits Graphic files: The batch image conversion feature enables a user to batch convert whole folders of images from one graphic format to the other. The image conversion function can convert more than 60 image formats, with all the popularly used ones like JPG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, GIF, AVS and OTB. The image converter can handle very heavy graphic files, up to 10 MB in size. The converter can also edit digital image files and apply special effects to images with some tools like the rotate, crop, flip and resize tools.

This latest PDF Software release is a very useful document and image conversion business software utility and is currently being offered at a 50% promotional discount for $ 39.99. 1-2-3FileConvert can also be evaluated through a free trial download here:

About the company: Nooran Corp. is a software development firm based in Markham. Ontario. Canada, which specializes in developing and marketing useful software utilities. Nooran Corp. also develops custom software applications for its clients. Please visit 1-2-3FileConvert PDF and image converter site here:

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