The .travel Icon is Now Available to Travel and Tourism Operators Adopting the New .travel Domain.

From: MetaCryL
Published: Fri Oct 21 2005

Toronto, Canada - TopLevelDomainicons, the source for icons representing top level domains, has released the .travel icon coinciding with the opening of the .travel domain. These icons, commonly known as "tildicons", already represent several domain extensions such as .com .org and .net.

The new online domain for the travel industry is available. It is for Airline, Passenger Rail, Cruise, Bus, Hotel, Casino, Camps Theme Parks, and Travel Agencies and may in future include other travel related sectors. Opened in October 2005 by New York based Tralliance Corp, who won the approval to run the domain, it is now THE online domain extension for the Global Travel Industry.

The .travel domain serves a unique and widely diverse industry, encompassing the entire globe, and transcending all languages. To narrow the cultural and language gaps, and to provide a standard, an internationally recognizable .travel icon has been created to provide instant recognition of businesses serving the travel industry. Online, and more importantly offline, the icon allows consumers to identify travel related businesses at a glance, whether at home, or when in a foreign country, where unfamiliar logos and brands as well as the written word are quite often meaningless to the traveler. The icon not only serves as a standard for the travel and tourism industry, but extends its goodwill by offering a certain comfort level to travelers.

Recognizing the challenges of the diversity of the industry, TopLevelDomainicons has produced not one, but several .travel themes around one basic icon - offering the flexibility the various sectors will demand, by providing interchangeable identifiers within the .travel standard TLDicon.
A palm tree, draped over the right of the familiar "dot" is the .travel TLDicon – adopted because a large sun and palm tree is universally perceived as " vacation "
As with all TLDicons, the .travel icon retains the standard large circle representing the word "dot".

What makes the .travel icon unique from the other TLDicons, is that besides the palm tree, a second identifier has been added to further differentiate sectors within the industry, allowing business to truly set themselves apart.

Out of the left of each .travel TLDicon can come an aircraft, a ship, a train, a bus, a building, or a camp….. each to identify a particular sector. The client selects the particular icon that they require.
TLDicons are all customizable, so travel operators can replace the provided identifier with their own plane, ship, train, bus or building, further reinforcing their own brand. They also use the space of the "dot" to add other graphics such as logos or identifying colors.

Created by, a Product Concept and Development firm, and released in January of 2005, TLDicons are the only way to show the presence of a website, without using the text www. and .com around your logo or name. They are for illustrating on-line presence in print form, such as on signs, stationary, business cards, advertising, products, as well as on web pages. They are customizable to fit any company logo or brand and can be morphed onto logo's. To license the .travel TLDicon, as well as the .biz .net and .org, icons, go to the TopLevelDomainicons site:

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