IDT France’s Skeen Patch faces up to Bell's palsy

From: French technology Press Bureau
Published: Fri Oct 21 2005

In the medical field, Skeen Patch is used for treating Bell's palsy and gives promising results through its speed of action, intensity and the fact that it is harmless. Bell's palsy is a common pathology, of unknown cause, without active treatment to date. It is difficult to give a prognosis because it is impossible to predict how long it will take to achieve partial, total or no recovery. Treated with Skeen Patch, Bell's palsy is significantly improved after 15 days of treatment – expression partially restored, appearance of wrinkles and lines on the forehead and around the eye, mouth less drawn to the non-paralysed side. This improvement is constant during treatment and is almost complete by the sixth week of treatment.

In the cosmetic field, Skeen Patch’s action consists of improving both skin quality (attenuating wrinkles, increasing the skin's radiance) and muscle volume (improved muscle tone, facial contours redrawn). This improvement is constant after 15 days of use and remains stable for several months after the end of initial treatment. Maintenance treatment is recommended thereafter to extend the results. The results are maintained for one year after treatment.
Skeen Patch is a compact, self-adhesive electronic device. It is ultra-light and works with a 3V button battery. It is equipped with a sophisticated stimulation programme, and uses a two-phase micro-current with dual variables (frequency, width of stimuli). This current is patented. Skeen Patch is a medical device. It has been awarded CE medical certificate 0434 and a free sale certificate issued by the AFSAAPS (French agency for the safety of health products) in France for inside and outside the EU zone.

About IDT France

IDT France is based near Perpignan in the south of France. It designs and manufactures innovative medical devices.
IDT France will take part in the following trade fairs:

- MEDICA, Düsseldorf, Germany, from 16 to 19 November 2005 (France Pavilion, Hall 4, IDT France stand 4H23C),
- Dubai trade fair in January 2006,
- PHARMAGORA, Paris, France, in March 2006.

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