Homeless Pet Artist Stella Violano Releases 2006 Homeless Pet Portraits Charity Calendar to raise fu

From: SMV Studio
Published: Sat Oct 22 2005

Stella Violano announces the release of the Violano 2006 Homeless Pets Portraits Charity Calendar to raise funds for Animal Shelters and Rescues.

Stella Violano Homeless Pet Portraits 2006 Calendar features twelve of the most popular homeless pet portraits of the last year by Artist Stella Violano, an artist known for her endearing paintings of homeless animals in shelters.

A portion of funds raised from the sale of each calendar will be donated directly to the shelters that house the animals painted. This donation helps pay for Veterinary care for homeless pets.

About the author: Between painting gallery work and commissions Artist Stella Violano creates paintings using homeless pets as the models. Information about the homeless pet model is featured on the auction of the original painting in order to try and find a home for the pet among the art collectors viewing Violano’s popular paintings.

. When the painting sells Violano donates half of the funds to the rescue or shelter that houses the animal she has painted. This calendar will again be a tool to raise funds and awareness of the needs of the homeless pets featured.

"I prefer to paint the hard to place pets, the older ones or the ones with disabilities" Violano clarifies "And many of the pets I have painted have found wonderful homes!" The Calendar is now available in conjunction with Lulu (www.lulu.com)
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