How To Prevent Bird Flu

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Published: Sun Oct 23 2005

With health authorities predicting a bird flu pandemic Cavanagh says this free report on how to prevent bird flu could save thousands, even millions of lives.

Cavanagh says over 15 years of research by leading advanced hygiene pioneer Dr Kenneth Seaton developed two major strategies that can help ordinary people avoid respiratory viruses like avian influenza, other ordinary strains of influenza and even the common cold.

Cavanagh explains that 95% of viruses like the bird flu enter our bodies from contact between our fingernails and the mucous membranes of our eyes and nose.

Cavanagh goes on to explain that your fingernails harbour viruses and all you have to do is get virus droplets on your hands then touch your face and the cycle of virus transmission is complete.

Cavanagh's three basic recommendations for avoiding the bird flu and other respiratory viruses are simple...

1. Don't touch your face with your hands. If you don't touch your face with your fingernails you should stop the virus entering your body through the mucous membranes of your eyes or nose.

2. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water every time you go to the toilet and any time you handle live birds, raw poulty or uncooked eggs.

3. Regulary perform warm facial dips to inactivate virus cells and wash them out of your nasal passageways.

Cavanagh says that washing your hands is more complex than it might seem on the surface.

You need to use the right kinds of soap and if you can't use soap there's only one alternative that's proven by the USA Centers Of Disease Control to be effective and it's NOT an antibacterial solution.

Also most people have never even heard of a facial dip, let alone performed one.

Cavanagh says these two key therapies to effective hygiene are easy to learn.

Step by step details are included in his free report How To Prevent Bird Flu – The Natural Healthy Way at
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