Singapore McDonalds looks to Ad.WRIGHT to rebrand and rebuild the McDonalds Singapore website.

From: Internet Advertising Agency
Published: Sun Oct 23 2005

Many companies in Singapore have the same problem that McDonalds is facing, which is the fact that they have forgotten the online aspect of their brand.

These companies are soon learning that the search engines are like the yellow pages, people know your business name but will use the yellow pages to find your phone number, likewise people know your business name but will use the search engines to find your website.

This is especially true in the Singapore marketplace where people are unsure if the official website is a dot com, dot net, dot org, or a dot com dot sg so they let the search engines tell them the official website.

In McDonalds case the over 200,000 people that look for McDonalds every month are finding 3rd party website that is talking about a kids toy they where giving away in the past.

Luckily McDonalds has become aware of this problem and has looked to Ad.WRIGHT a Singapore branding and advertising agency to help solve this problem for them. Ash Singh the director of the web strategy division of Ad.WRIGHT had this to say "McDonalds came to us as they realized the need to bring in outside support to correct and manage their brand properly." These types of statements are normal in America but strangely in Singapore it has taken McDonalds a few extra years to realize they can’t do everything themselves.

Ash Singh is looking forward to helping the Singapore McDonalds understand the value of their online brand and he hopes that the other McDonalds in the region like Malaysia McDonalds and Thailand McDonalds also start taking better care of their brands online.

We’ll do a follow up article in 3 months and let you know the results of Ad.WRIGHTs rebranding and rebuilding of the McDonalds Singapore website, but we expect and hope that in 3 months when you search for Singapore McDonalds in Google that you will see listed #1.

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