Dennis Kyne Releases Rock CD “I’m Not Resisting”

From: Dennis Kyne Music
Published: Sun Oct 23 2005

October 24, 2005--San Jose, CA--It wasn't until Dennis Kyne returned to the US to finish his civilian duty that he learned the most painful lessons of 15 years served in the US Army. His own Military and his own countrymen let him down. Kyne was shocked to return home and learn about the side effects of his exposure to depleted uranium weapons. He was thankful that he did not swallow Pyridostigmine Bromide tablets, a requirement set forth for all military personnel during the Gulf War I. He decided to disobey orders and threw them all away. His comrades who did swallow them are now suffering from un-diagnosable diseases. Now all he wants to do is Support The Truth. With a revealing book with the same name under his belt, it was time to let the music do the talking.

Kyne makes his way through 11 tracks of emotional fist waving at our government and military on his new rock album I’m Not Resisting. "All We Want Is The Truth" opens the album with Kyne sounding like Iggy Pop, a real ear catching start to an album. His high energy level bites like a pit bull and it hangs on without letting go throughout this solid release. Five of the tracks were recorded at KZSU Stanford Live and they are crackling with that live off the floor spontaneity that every artist yearns for while in the studio. The entire album has that feel from start to finish. That essential gritty edge and undying tension is just what the doctor ordered to convey such a distressing message.

This CD is jam packed with powerful eye opening messages and good music to back it all up. It does not get any more sincere than this. That was the intention of Kyne all along, to carry a message to his fellow man while rocking your soul every step of the way.

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