SuperbFiles launches first public beta after work of 6 months.

From: CbtTechs
Published: Sun Oct 23 2005

SuperbFiles ( has opened its doors to the general public the first time today. SuperbFiles, also dubbed SF for short is a premier application web site. Currently, SuperbFiles only has a few hundred software in its' database for the beginning of Beta 1, but they anticipate much more software in Beta 2.

SuperbFiles has been released in Beta 1, meaning they expect many bugs and quirks around the site which they hope their users will report so they can fix them. They are expecting around 3 betas. Beta 2 will be launched about 3 months from today with a complete rewrite of the code with many additional features they hope their users to suggest, and of course, any bug fixes that were not fixed in Beta 1.

SuperbFiles originally started with an idea back in March 2005. The experienced programmer Tyler Cole, was wanting to start a turnkey script which has never been produced before. He believed people always wanted to start a competing site to, Softpedia, Tucows and sites along those lines. It all started with just one line of code. Well, somehow or another, he became addicted to programming it. Soon it kept evolving each and every day. He did this for over 4 months, until it was a fully-featured script. But he couldn't bring himself to sell his love, so he came up with a name. Superb, meaning great or excellent, and Files as its software files. Now he had a script, a name, but no design. He approached the talented designer and programmer Kailash Nadh, an Indian native with a huge talent. He graciously accepted the project and designed and coded the design as we know SuperbFiles.

Now there is a design, name and a script. What's left? To fill the database! This was the most tedious task, so of course, the SuperbFiles staff expanded. While adding software to SuperbFiles, additional features were always added. Today, the staff of SuperbFiles stands at: Tyler Cole, James Bruce, Jim Emerson, Cameron Cox, and Kailash Nadh. All together they make up as we know SuperbFiles. Tyler Cole, Lead Developer, hopes to expand the staff as SuperbFiles grows.

With the many exist file download sites, why another one? Cole wanted SuperbFiles to be different, revolutionary. It may not seem this way in Beta 1, with only a few hundred software. But in Beta 2 and 3 he hopes to have a few thousand software, along with a few new features he promises that his competitors does not have. SuperbFiles provides all technical news in relation to its software, another key feature Cole reports. Since most competitors solely does software downloads, he wanted to do the key features that defined SuperbFiles.

SuperbFiles Beta 2 will be released in about 3 more months. If you find a bug, or have a feature suggestion please contact the SuperbFiles staff at
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