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From: MHW Communications
Published: Sun Oct 23 2005

Dessert lovers with diabetes can now enjoy their favorite desserts without affecting their diabetes.

When Bob Fleming was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he thought his favorite desserts were a thing of the past. No more lemon meringue pie, chocolate brownies or cheesecakeÑa bleak prospect indeed for someone who loved dessert. So his wife enlisted the help of friends, and together they assembled a whole collection of favorite dessert recipes specially adapted to the needs of diabetics.

They started with traditional favorite desserts. They analysed the ingredients to see which ones were no-nos for the diabetic diet. Then they looked for substitutes, or ways of reducing such things as sugar to minimal quantities. Some recipes do contain sugar, for example, but when you divide the total amount by the number of cookes or slices of cake or servings of dessert the recipe yields, the amount in one serving is miniscule. Of course, it's always advisable to check with a dietitian or doctor, as in all things related to the diabetic diet.

ÒIf thereÕs one thing worse than being a diabetic,Ó says Bob, ÒitÕs being a diabetic with a sweet tooth.Ó Now that his own sweet tooth is once again being satisfied, he is offering to send one of his delicious diabetic-friendly dessert recipes to anyone who visits his website and asks for them.

These recipes come with Diabetes Exchange and other nutritional information, so people can work with their dietitians and doctors to be sure they comply with their diabetes needs. Bob says even though his wife does not have diabetes, she's always happy to join him in eating these delicious desserts. They even serve them when company calls!

Anyone interested in building their own diabetic dessert recipe collection should visit and sign up for BobÕs free weekly recipe.
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