Snipping his way to a record

From: The Tribune
Published: Mon Oct 24 2005

This man has snipped his way to glory and that too blindfolded! Nadeem Ahmed, Chandigarh-based hairstylist, has been featured in this year’s edition of the Limca Book of Records for cutting hair ‘safely and stylishly’ with a candle flame, blade, paper cutter and even with his eyes covered!

For this man who has made the use of scissors as passé as a blunt cut, the ultimate aim is the Guinness Book of Records. "Although they sent a letter of appreciation for what I do, the Guinness Book people said I should try and beat some otther record so I am practising now and in a month or two should be able to carry out the other feat"

Atypical is the path Nadeem wishes to traverse. Completely self-taught, it is the passion for his ‘art’ that keeps him going. "A hairstyle is just like your clothes, shoes or jewellery. It defines you. It gives an insight into what you are. Creating an individual look is important. I give my suggestions after seeing the lifestyle of the person, the quality and texture of the hair and then decide what is appropriate." So, if you want to sport a Mallika Sherawat look, you need to have a lifestyle like that too!

What of his unusual cutting tools? "I get at least three clients a day who want their hair cut or styled by the candle flame. We use a paper cutter or blade for a few people.

We also have a lot of Sikh clients who do not like the idea of scissors. However, nobody agrees to get a cut while I am blindfolded," he says with a smile.

Nadeem dreams of opening an academy for hair cutting and styling soon. "I love to teach people and want to expand my profession as it has a lot of potential."

And what is currently chic, according to this style guru? Colours — browns and reds — are deeply in vogue but "purple is the colour to have because it highlights femininity."

However, what is really in vogue is the Feng Shui mode of hair cutting. "It is all about balancing the five elements in each human being. What happens inside you affects your hair and your skin. I have given three people hair cuts incorporating the ‘Chi’ or energy method." Has it worked? "Not yet", grins Nadeem, but he is going to keep trying!
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