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Published: Mon Oct 24 2005

The website has launched a totally new and unique advertising concept: Spotvertising. The frontpage of the site has 100 customizable spots available that can be rented for one year. The prize for a spot goes up if more spots are sold. But advertisers that pay a higher price do get more options to differentiate their spot to make it stand out, even if all spots are sold out.

This new concept marks the start of a new era in internet advertising. "Who clicks a banner nowadays? Not even mentioning those irritating popups and popunders. Or even worse those things that all of a sudden start floating across your screen. We provide both advertisers and visitors with an enjoyable site. Visitors know the site is all about advertising and will actually look at the ads, giving advertisers value for the money they paid." says founder Nordin Kerkvliet (27).

The site is the first of it's kind. Advertisers do get a unique way to differentiate their ad. For example by customizing the colours of their spot and adding rollover images and sounds to it. The first ten spots will be sold at the introduction price of $100. After that the price for a spot goes up. The last ten spots will be sold by auction to the highest bidders. "I created the site after a late night brainwave. I wanted to create a residual income and this might be the best idea I’ve ever had. If all 100 spots get sold it should provide me with a $100000 income, yearly. The first spot has been sold, so still 99 to go." says Kerkvliet.
Contact Name: Nordin Kerkvliet
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Contact Phone: +31652045920

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