Health and Sex: Avoiding orgasm aids sexual recovery and health of sex abuse victims.

From: the hartley foundation Ltd
Published: Tue Oct 25 2005

'Sex on the edge of Orgasm', touted as a revolutionary approach to personal sexual expression is a seminal work examining the effects of sexual conditioning and media influence on the sex lives of men and women in first world countries. The authors coin the phrase 'orgasm-focussed' to describe what they claim is a widespread and socially detrimental mind-set affecting the vast majority of westerners.

"Just about everyone, men and women are orgasm-focussed", says Kevin Hartley, co-author of the new book which explores sexual conditioning and personal sexual expression. "Ask just about any man if he'd be happy with a sexual event that didn't end in orgasm/ejaculation, the answer will be No. Ask just about any woman if she would feel inadequate or as though she had failed if her male partner didn't have an orgasm, the answer is invariably yes", Mr. Hartley added. The book claims 'orgasm-focus' is fueled by sexual stereotypes in advertising, and choreographed depictions of sex in mainstream cinema and pornography. "It's become so ingrained in our psyches that we just can't see any other way to go about it (sex) and the more we persist with orgasm-focussed sex, the less satisfying our sexual experiences become", Mr. Kevin Hartley said.

The book details a vital new approach to sexual expression for anyone interested in dramatically enhanced sexual experiences. 'Regardless of sexual preference, sex on the edge heralds a genuine sexual renaissance" Mr. Hartley commented. The book was inspired by the efforts one of the authors to build a joyful sexual relationship with his partner who had been sexually abused as a child. The result is a sexual renaissance for all people, but particularly for those with a history sexual abuse because 'sex on the edge of orgasm' represents an entirely new approach to sexual intimacy unconnected to past abuse.

Sex on the edge of Orgasm is available internationally in e-book from at with all profits directed to The Hartley Foundation, a leading Australian health promotion charity.
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