AXA PPP healthcare add new 'Ask us a Question' feature to site

From: AXA PPP healthcare
Published: Fri Oct 19 2007

AXA PPP healthcare, one of the UK's leading providers of private medical insurance, has added a new feature to their website called 'Ask Us a Question', which allows clients to submit questions via the internet about their international medical cover.

Through the new tool, anyone holding an international private healthcare policy with
AXA PPP healthcare will be able to ask questions via the company's website relating to their individual policy. Once a policyholder submits a question, they will receive confirmation and then will be provided with a response via a secure email containing a link to the relevant answer.

Moreover, the tool will also allow people with AXA PPP healthcare international private health insurance to authorise their treatment on the site through a secure contact method, by completing a form with the relevant details and submitting it to the company online. Once the treatment authorisation form has been sent through, a confirmation receipt will be sent, following which a link to the policyholder's pre-authorisation will be emailed via a secure server.

In addition, the 'Ask us a Question' feature also allows people who have made claims on their
AXA PPP healthcare international private health insurance policy to track the progress of their claim. As with the previous format, customers will be required to fill in the details of their claim online and will be sent a receipt after their submission has been received. After this, the status of the claim will be sent to the policyholder via a secure email.

Through these new developments, AXA PPP healthcare is aiming to expand its online services and make it simpler for its private medical insurance customers to carry out the basic operations of their cover through the convenience of the internet.

An AXA PPP healthcare spokesperson commented:

"AXA's new 'Ask us a Question' feature has been designed with the purpose of making it simpler for our international policyholders to find out information about their private medical cover from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for phone calls when obtaining pre-authorisation of treatment and when checking how a claim is progressing.

"In today's world, people are increasingly turning to the internet to find out information. Our 'Ask us a Question' feature aims to fit into this growing trend, in order to expand the scope of our site and offer our health insurance policyholders greater convenience if they're trying to contact us from overseas, as well as a more secure interactive experience."

About AXA PPP healthcare:
Established in 1940 as PPP Healthcare. In 1999, the company was bought by Sun Life and Provincial Holdings (SLPH), the UK subsidiary of the Global AXA Group, and was renamed AXA PPP healthcare in 2002. Since 1958, its headquarters have been in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Currently, AXA PPP healthcare provides healthcare for individuals and companies based in Great Britain and overseas, covering nearly two million people. AXA PPP healthcare is regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA).

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