A Quick Scorecard: Howzat?

From: One Two Three India.Com Ltd.
Published: Tue Oct 25 2005

Sachin was bowled out 10 minutes back! Didn’t you know about it? You are all worked up and blame the scorecard on your PC. This was history.

Cricket lovers beware. The lightning scorecard will now strike your monitor. From the toss to the last crucial ball you can now get really fast updates. Leave the old scorecard behind. 123India.Com is launching their new scorecard on http://cricket.123india.com/ which downloads in a flash. The added features in this scorecard come as a bonus. For the first time get detailed information about the five overs that the teams select for fielding restrictions or the Powerplay overs. Besides Powerplay, Supersubs is the other new aspect added as a result of the new ICC rules. Know immediately about the twelfth man or the Supersub (indicated by a green arrow), the player he is replacing (indicated by a red arrow) and at which point of the match. Find out the number of fours, sixes, no balls and wides. Could you ask for more? You ask for it and you’ve got it. So watch out for the Beta version of the new scorecard on 25 October, 2005. Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome at support@corp.123india.com .

Ardent cricket fan Sohail Rahman beams saying, "Delayed updates on the scorecard have always been a problem on the match days but now I’m happy that there’s a solution."

Manish Saraf, Senior manager of 123India.Com states, "I understand how frustrating it is when you come to know about a six from the roar of merriment on the street outside rather than from the scorecard in front of you. We have tried to make things brighter now."

So are you geared up for the next series? Cricket is more than mere pleasure. It is a necessity and you need something more than those regular scorecards. So get more at http://cricket.123india.com/ .

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