PIGNAT supplies teaching aids for process engineering

From: French Technology Press Bureau (FTPB)
Published: Tue Oct 25 2005

About a hundred standardised apparatuses are delivered on a turnkey basis along with teaching handbooks. They cover the study of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, chemical engineering, control and regulation, automation and supervision (DCS, SCADA). For instance, the Human Resources Departments of gas and oil companies which need to train operating personnel can take advantage of a package covering several trades and qualifications. The company can also provide halls for initial or continuing training on a turnkey basis.

All equipment is designed, subjected to rigorous qualification, manufactured, and delivered along with the Factory Acceptance Test certificate and ‘As built’ documentation. Pignat also handles installation and the commissioning and training of lecturers and operating personnel.

Pignat offers expertise in the use of various technologies – boilerwork and hollow ware for all kinds of materials (including glass), pressure and high-vacuum, energy transfer, control and automation – for small and middle size equipment. The company has advanced skills in engineering and manufactures systems for process engineering ranging from one unit operation skid to more complex situations involving several operations for the establishment of a complete production line. Its numerous international clients include well-know institutions on four continents.

About Pignat

Pignat, founded as a scientific glassworks in 1966, has expanded to become a designer and integrator in process engineering. The company is based near Lyons and controls its entire marketing and production activities. Export sales (in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America) form 30% of its business and it wishes to develop its activity around centres of excellence for technical and professional training around the world.
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