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Published: Tue Oct 25 2005

Notation Software, Inc.

September, 2005

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Notation Software's new releases of MidiNotate Musician 1.1 and MidiNotate Composer 1.1 offer even more musician-friendly ways for creating and enjoying music on their computers than the original 1.0 version originally released in October, 2004.

MidiNotate Musician and Composer 1.1 have been polished with a look-and-feel and behavior that is natural for everyday musicians who read music notation. These products are intended for musicians who play or sing at home, or arrange and compose music for other individuals and groups to enjoy and perform. These products have moved further towards terminology, such as "staff", familiar to musicians who read music. They have moved further away from technical terminology, such as "track", and the graphical metaphor of mixing panels, which are more familiar to sound studio engineers.

MidiNotate Musician allows you to follow the musical notes on your screen as you listen to the music, and to print your own sheet music. After downloading music from the Internet, instrumentalists or vocalists can set up practice loops, change lyrics, transpose to suit their instrument or vocal range, and use Musician as their accompanist. Anyone who reads musical notation can study scores, and others can learn musical notation by watching the notes as they listen to familiar songs.

MidiNotate Composer can be used to create your own music, or to arrange music to suit yourself or your performing group. Building on the features of MidiNotate Musician, MidiNotate Composer adds the capability to change the underlying sound of the music, as well as extensively edit the musical notation. Composers can create music using an electronic keyboard, or a computer keyboard and mouse. Arrangers can start with a MIDI file downloaded from the Internet and modify the music to make it their own. With a wide array of musical notation features, MidiNotate Composer will produce clearly written sheet music to share with others.

MidiNotate Musician expands upon and replaces MidiNotate, a music notation software product in wide use since its introduction by Notation Software, Inc. in 1999. Both MidiNotate Musician and Composer use an updated version of the well-reviewed notation technology originally created by Notation Software, Inc. in 1994.

MidiNotate Composer and MidiNotate Musician run on Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP. MidiNotate Musician 1.1 ($49.95USD) and MidiNotate Composer 1.1 ($149.95USD) can be purchased online at Notation Software's web site, www.notation.com, or by phone at 1-877-353-7297.
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