Tata Interactive Systems’ EPSS drives performance improvements and business results

From: Tata Interactive Systems
Published: Tue Oct 23 2007

The world leader in custom e-learning design / development and organisational performance improvement, Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), is – among other things - showcasing its award winning electronic performance support systems (EPSS) at the latest in its worldwide series of ‘Tata Interactive Learning Forums’ – being held in Chicago, USA (October 29) and in Boston, USA (November 1). These solutions - designed by certified usability experts using the principles of human factor engineering, which leads to superior usage performance and application on the job - have already delivered several millions of dollars in savings for TIS clients.

TIS’s EPSS are proving that they can help organisations, such as a global insurance company in the UK and ICICI Prudential, one of India’s largest banks, to address and implement solutions for these issues relating to their operations and customer service functions. In addition, these solutions have won a number of awards, such as the Performance Centered Design Award in 2006 and the Gold Award in the E-learning Project of the Year category at that year’s UK’s IT Training Awards.

According to TIS’s CEO, Sanjaya Sharma: "Clients tell us that our EPSS enable them to achieve consistently high levels of performance from all their employees on a sustainable basis.

"They are able to implement proactive, individualised customer service by equipping their people with on-demand, context-sensitive information and tools. Our EPSS help them show immediate and significant improvements in such metrics as turnaround time, productivity, and accuracy."

"Our EPSS is an on-demand system, which guides employees at every step of their decision making," explained TIS’s Saurabh Mittal who heads TIS’s EPSS practice.

"It is like having a virtual coach who is constantly available to help the user implement the best and most appropriate response in any scenario. At the click of a button, the system makes available to the user all the relevant decision-making tools and resources.

"Performance objects within the system encapsulate the particular functional area’s business process know-how and expertise. The same decision-making framework is available to all users, ensuring - at the organisational level - consistency in decision making and improved productivity," Mittal said.

"The key element of the system’s effectiveness is the simple and intuitive manner in which the user receives performance support objects.

"Key benefits include reduced cycle time, more accuracy, less re-work and a reduction in unproductive downtime," Mittal continued. "Our performance support solutions fit the bill whenever the work involves policies, procedures and processes – especially where employees carry out a large amount of ‘transactional activity’, such as banking and financial services, telecoms and airlines."


Notes for editors

About TIS’s EPSS

TIS's EPSS combines the capabilities of knowledge management systems and decision support systems to improve users’ performance. The systems empower users to perform tasks without external support or intervention, thus reducing an organisation’s dependence on a mere handful of highly skilled employees. Typically, TIS’s EPSS solutions include:
• Process Finder: to help the user determine her/his customer’s intentions.
• Process Guides: to present possible outcomes; guide the customer through the process, and present relevant templates and decision-making tools for the user.
• Interactive Scenarios: to present an overview of the situation; provide relevant resources and access to precedents, and enable the consistent application of the organisation’s policy.
• Resources: to minimise the time taken for users to learn an application, and provide various tools to facilitate efficient and effective decision making.
• References: to provide users with relevant information.

In terms of benefits to user organisations, EPSS enable fast and accurate diagnosis of customer issues; provide a common decision-making framework for everyone, and consistent outcomes for customers. System users can internalise a great deal of information about multiple products and their many features, regulations, and conditions; retrieve knowledge in real time while transacting processes with customers, and identify opportunities and present high value propositions to customers.

To learn how TIS’s EPSS can help you translate your business processes into tangible performance gains, please contact: Saurabh Mittal, tel 00 91 22 6643 8000; email saurabhm@tatainteractive.com

About Tata Interactive Systems (TIS)

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a global leader in e-learning, is a part of the $22bn Tata Group. Truly international, TIS has a presence across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Japan, India, and mainland Europe. TIS offers corporations, universities, schools, publishers, and government institutions a diversified and innovative bouquet of learning and training solutions including Simulation-based Learning Objects (SimBLs™), Story-based Learning Objects (StoBLs™), courseware and curriculum design, special-needs education, assessments, electronic performance support systems (EPSS), mobile learning, game-based learning along with other corporate training and consultancy services. Our multi-disciplinary expertise and 17 years’ experience across domains helps us design e-learning programmes that are unique to clients’ requirements and specifically crafted to boost knowledge retention and application.

TIS is the only e-learning organisation in the world to be assessed at Level 5 in both the SEI-CMM and P-CMM frameworks. TIS’s quest for excellence is reflected in numerous prestigious industry awards, including a Silver Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award 2005 and 2004, APEX Award of Excellence in 2005 and 2006, BETT Awards in 2004 and 2006, and two Business World–NID Design Excellence awards.

For more information log on to www.tatainteractive.com

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