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From: Beatbuggy
Published: Tue Oct 25 2005

Washington, DC - Despite the huge growth of the internet, it still remains difficult for independent music producers and beatmakers to get their music heard by artists, labels, and industry leaders…but not anymore! Launched today, BeatBuggy.com is the world’s first and most popular online music production community that completely embraces the new music-led digital environment. This ground-breaking community provides free web space for signed and unsigned independent producers and beatmakers that includes free MP3 uploads, downloads and hosting, streaming audio, personalized news, music charts, photo albums, and much more. Artists registered to BeatBuggy.com can search, audition, download, purchase, and/or license beats for their creative work without ever leaving their desk or picking up a compact disc. This online production community will breathe new life into the music industry by showcasing independent producers. All standard services for users are Free-of-Charge.

Until recently, the majority of producers had to "shop" their beats and instrumentals by traveling to LA, New York, Atlanta, or Nashville to network and make connections, or producers had to resort to mailing CDs to A&R’s. Joining BeatBuggy.com allows members unlimited access to technological and marketing tools. They can add their own beat(s), which means that those beats are accessible to artists and industry leaders worldwide, thereby eliminating the need for travel or time-consuming scheduling. This leaves producers with more time to do what they do best – make beats.

"Being in the right place at the right time is a daily commitment if you want to get yourself or the work you produce to be noticed in the music industry. Knowing what track to shop to which artist or label is a full-time job," says Duane Washington, CEO and Founder of BeatBuggy.com. The idea of bypassing what I call ‘gatekeepers’ appeals to me a great deal, as does the idea that producers and artists should have access to one another without road blocks such as politics and personal relationships that tend to get in the way. BeatBuggy.com makes it possible for producers to ‘shop’ and sell their material from anywhere in the world." Producers can easily publish beats in today's most popular audio formats (MP3 files) and they are also able to chat with other musicians online, publish podcasts, rate and review the beat of their peers, access online promotional items, and sell their beats to artists worldwide. Artists can search for producers by genre, download free MP3 beats, listen to podcast shows, listen to a stream of top 25 beats, rate the music, read news press releases, request press kits, subscribe to mail lists, and keep up to the minute with development progress of producers.

So, if you’re a producer, start uploading! If you’re seeking beats or instrumentals, start downloading! And if you’re a manager or A&R person, you will never need to move away from your monitor again. If the Internet is the future of the music industry, then the future is at www.BeatBuggy.com.

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