Magical Adventures to Get Children Back Into Books

From: Teeny Brainbox Productions
Published: Tue Oct 25 2005

Teeny Brainbox Productions is a new company with children's education at heart. Its "Magic Library" series of personalised books have been beautifully illustrated and written to draw the child into the story. This is an ideal foothold to the pleasure of reading from an early age.

The books are based around a "Magic Library" and have key characters to hold the child's attention from beginning to end. Teeny Brainbox Productions have just started and have only two books at present but they are already drawing repeat business as parents realise the power of the books to spark the imagination.

The two books so far are "The Magic Library - A Trip to the Circus" and "The Magic Library - The Enchanted Kingdom". These are written to be collected as a series of adventures (again with the child and same key characters present throughout) or read individually. Following the success of the first two books, the authors (a husband and wife team) are being pushed to write more adventures and promise they are working as fast as they can on the next "Magic Library" adventure.
Company: Teeny Brainbox Productions
Contact Name: June Burney
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Contact Phone: 01388 834675

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