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Published: Wed Oct 26 2005

Easternmeetswestern.com (EMW) welcome you to join and use our site as a powerful e-platforum to find friendship, love, romance and marriage at home and abroad. We specialise and are poised to become an outstanding website assisting single males and females in India meet their perfect match from the West, mainly in UK and USA.

Without doubt these are interesting and exciting times for us. We are unashamedly ambitious and single minded in our determination to be one of the most outstanding and unique dating websites within the next three years. So best sign up early to stay ahead of any competitors for your future partner in the West. We know of no other dating websites that strive to match Eastern people with the Western people. Already we have been recognised as an exceptional website and are keen to take large strides forward for the internal and external benefit, comfort, security, well-being and future happiness of Indians across the globe.

EMW pragmatically implementing an innovative and successful approach to advertising both in the west and in India which will meet the needs and aspirations of all our members.

You will find the staff at Easternmeetswestern.com to be particularly friendly, courteous and extremely helpful. All our colleagues share a great passion for their work amongst a buzzing culture which is technological, enterprising and inclusive exploiting the creative life talent and intellectual energy of our diverse range of staff.

Easternmeetswestern.com is epitomised by its professional, leading-edge and high impact website. Outstanding designers and developers have prepared this website thoroughly, helped deliver it with enthusiasm and drive, and continue tirelessly to assess comments and feedback in detail to improve the website for it members.

It is impossible to state the importance, value and high regard we have of our members. It is on such people that Easternmeetswestern.com will build its future. This importance is reflected in the services we offer and the lengths we take to go find our members their perfect match. Come and buy your dresses, wedding invitations, live music band, romantic honeymoon and much more online!

Best of all its FREE! No hidden charges, no limited functionality. Its all there for free!! We believe that the internet is a powerful medium even while seeking matrimony. We intend to help you seek your perfect match. We have some easy to use features which will make your matrimonial search quite effective, fast and safe! You get features like an automatic listing of members which match your religion like Hindu Matrimonials, Muslim Matrimonials, Christian Matrimonials, Sikh Matrimonials, Buddhist Matrimonials and community like Bihari Matrimonials, Bengali Matrimonials, Delhi Matrimonials, Gujarati Matrimonials, Kannada Matrimonials, Malayalee Matrimonials, Marathi Matrimonials, Oriya Matrimonials, Punjabi Matrimonials, Rajasthani Matrimonial, Sindhi Matrimonial, Tamil Matrimonial, Telugu Matrimonial, UP Matrimonial.

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