Univenture Packages DVD Boxset for The Alarm

From: Antarra Communications
Published: Wed Mar 16 2005

The Welsh punk rock band The Alarm and Univenture team up again. The group has chosen the Univenture UniKeep™ Wallet for packaging its latest eight-disc DVD boxset, The Gathering. The popular band also used a UniKeep Wallet in packaging its self-titled nine-disc CD boxset in 2000.

The Gathering compilation features 181 songs with video taken during four electric performances from the group’s G9-G12 (Gathering 9 to Gathering 12) shows, plus two additional shows from G9 and G11. Included in the performances are songs from every album lead singer Mike Peters ever recorded. And it’s all neatly packaged in a Univenture UniKeep DVD Wallet.

When The Alarm chose the UniKeep packaging for its prior boxset, it did so primarily on account of its unconventionality. "I felt that the UniKeep gave me a range of options to be able to present our collection at the highest possible standard", comments Peters. "It allowed our fans to easily take the whole set away from their homes and be able to transport the music on the road or on an airplane without fear of damaging his/her boxset collection."

Peters, the group’s lead singer for over 21 years, says the UniKeep is both stylish and robust, and stores in less space than a typical jewel box. "I often feel with other boxset collections that, because of the bulky nature of the packaging, I tend to keep them away from my music collection and therefore do not play them as often as conventional CD’s. I certainly wouldn’t take them on the road for fear of damaging the packaging. The UniKeep packaging allows for freedom of mobility."

He adds that it also means the boxset stands up to the various postal systems around the world when shipped. It arrives at its final destination safe, sound, and in pristine condition. He says also that when in the Unikeep Wallet, the collection is easy to transport from "gig to gig", where it is sold.

The Gathering contains a host of extra ‘live’ Gathering performances. These include some-four hours of film featurettes, interviews with Mike Peters and fans, and an extensive history of the making of The Gathering. Similar to The Alarm collection, where Peters personally recorded a fan’s favorite song by the group, then included it on one of the CDs, the new collection features him filming an unique, live-on-stage dedication of a song of the buyer’s choice.

The Alarm lays claim to 16 top 50 singles, their most recent being last year’s controversial hit 45 rpm, the subject of which is about to be turned into a major motion picture by Shrek Producer, John H. Williams. Mike and the band are currently working on the soundtrack. They have also had seven successful albums and over 5 million sales worldwide. The Welsh band’s pioneering use of acoustic guitars brought it into contact with the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and U2, who have all appeared and sung on stage with The Alarm.

Lightweight and portable, Univenture’s two-ring UniKeep Wallets provide secure disc storage. They are designed with a clear full-wrap overlay cover that allows insertable graphics. They feature patented Univenture Safety-sleeve® disc pages, that are easy to add to or remove from any wallet. 5, 10, 20, and 40-disc wallet models are available.

Beside being sold at The Alarm concerts, The Gathering DVD collection may be ordered by phone, mail order, or online at the group’s web site: www.thealarm.com. It is available in a worldwide format with both stereo and surround sound options.

The Alarm, proving Univenture is up to the task, time and time again.

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