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From: Softplicity
Published: Wed Oct 26 2005

If one wants an excruciatingly slow CD burner with abundance of annoying confirmation windows and never ending options to choose from, there are at least over 50 applications on the Internet to select from. If a person’s goal is to get a simple, straightforward and fast application rips and burns CDs and DVDs, both data and audio, the choice is limited to CDuke.

There is not a single feature in CDuke that can be called unique. Instead, program designers analyzed virtually every CD burner/ripper on the market, identifying which features are helpful and are frequently used, and which ones clutter the interface. As a result, CDuke is the most simple CD burner/ripper currently available on the market.

CDuke works by inserting a disk and pressing one button. Full control of disk space use, burn-proof and just-link support features are used in the program (not a single CD/DVD disk created with CDuke was ever found corrupted). A progress bar shows the exact time passed and left to the second.

CDuke’s specialty is creating audio CDs, photo CDs and data CDs. This is why the program features built-in image viewer, extended options for mp3 files and an advanced CD/DVD settings panel.

CDuke is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo is available at for evaluation.

The price of a single copy is 19.90 US Dollars.

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