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From: Chaska Public Relations
Published: Wed Mar 16 2005

Chaska Public Relations isn’t your father’s public relations firm. You won’t find the company’s bilingual staff hashing out branding concepts in cloudy corporate boardrooms where group-think dominates the discussion. Chaska PR offers a terrific, low-cost way to get your marketing efforts started or re-started.

"I spent several years as a print journalist covering hard-nosed beats like police, fires, courts and schools, and now that I practice public relations full-time, the one thing I find really disheartening is the amount of B.S., the buzzwords and corporate fluff," said Chad Sellmer, founder of Chaska Public Relations ( "If you could cut out the smoke and mirrors angle to this industry, it would be the fastest growing career in the nation instead of just one of the fastest. I mean, how else can a home-based business or small non-profit organization communicate its message to millions and millions of people virtually overnight?"

According to the Public Relations Society of America (, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that public relations will be one of the fastest growing fields between 1998 and 2008 that does not require a Master's Degree or higher. The PRSA states that in 1998, public relations specialists held approximately 122,000 jobs, with approximately 13,000 of these individuals self-employed.

"With such a fast-growing profession, we see a lot of opportunity to meet the needs of small businesses, start-ups, non-profits and individual entrepreneurs by providing high-quality commercial content, one-on-one services and proven results, with a cost-effective distribution network that reaches millions of people," Sellmer explained. "We specialize in creating affordable communications solutions and making PR a profession that is accessible to all."

Modern companies appreciate and respect the communications prowess of the Internet…and so does Chaska Public Relations. The firm utilizes modern distribution channels to get you in front of people most likely to buy what you’re selling. More and more companies are taking advantage of the "real-time" power of the Internet to transform communications, and so can you.

Here are just a few ways Chaska PR can connect you with your customers:

1.) Develop a public relations campaign of timely press releases distributed to more than 50 million potential customers
2.) Use our extensive contacts to help you break into the "mainstream" media
3.) Create a comprehensive marketing plan for your business, product, service, novel, etc.
4.) Employ an effective direct-mail advertising campaign with targeted mailings
5.) Clean up your work or create new material for you as ‘ghostwriters’

"The publicity and promotional aspect (of PR) paves the way for the sale of products or services, so much so that some companies have placed sales quotas on their product publicity people," the PRSA website states. "Public relations provides an organization with new opportunities because the people involved in PR interact with more internal and external audiences than anyone else in the organization. Public relations people have a conning tower from which to identify new markets, new products, new methods."

With Chaska Public Relations, you could be reaching more than 50 million customers for less than the cost of a display advertisement in your local newspaper. Let the firm handle the distribution of your commercial content, or choose from a range of support services geared toward helping you find success in a crowded global marketplace. Visit the website for a look at what this PR agency offers to small businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs and authors. Plus, the rates are posted right on the website so you’re never surprised.

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