Boot Camp For New Dads Fatherhood Program Launched in England

From: Boot Camp for New Dads
Published: Wed Oct 31 2007

International interest in Boot Camp for New Dads has grown quickly due to the program’s phenomenal success in the U.S and rising concern about fatherhood in many other countries. Boot Camp for New Dads operates in more than 260 hospitals, clinics, schools and churches throughout nation and has prepared more than 160,000 men for fatherhood over the past 16 years.

Boot Camp for New Dads’ mission is to help new dads face both the challenges and opportunities of fatherhood through workshops which provide them with "hands on" education in the care of their babies. Men attend the class when they are expecting their first baby, and are joined in the workshop by "veterans" who had previously attended and have returned with their two to four-month-old baby in tow. They are able to give the dads-to-be a realistic idea of what to do and what to expect when their first baby comes.

Greg Bishop, Boot Camp for New Dads founder and Head Coach, was invited to present Boot Camp at England’s national fatherhood conference, sponsored by Fathers Direct, in April 2005. Fathers Direct has incorporated Boot Camp workshops for fathers-to-be in England, under the name "Hit the Ground Crawling" and most recently asked Bishop for assistance in establishing special workshops for teenage fathers.

According to Bishop, "Our premise is simple and validated by research and results. Men want to do their best as fathers, are most receptive to support as they become fathers, and learn best from other men already on the job. Research has shown that children whose fathers are a consistent, positive force in their lives do better socially, intellectually and physically."

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Boot Camp for New Dads
Celebrating their 16th year, Boot Camp for New Dads is nationally acclaimed as the "Best Practice" for preparing men to be fathers and was recently named a U.S. Navy Model Program.

With more than 4.1 million births last year alone (National Center for Health Statistics), and approximately 1.5 million men becoming new dads every year, it’s more important than ever for fathers to realize that being a "good provider" is only part of the very central role they have in their children’s lives.

Bishop continued, "These guys are inspiring and should make all men proud, because once they understand how much they are needed, they deliver the goods."

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