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Published: Wed Oct 26 2005



Broadband Access Has Transformed Everyday Life


Granbury, Texas - Oct 20, 2005 -- The city of Granbury went wireless following action by the City Council. Council members approved a $305,000 service contract with Frontier Broadband to access its mobile mesh network. This is the first U.S. city to use mobile mesh Wi-Fi for both government services and public access.

The city will use the network for public safety (police, fire and emergency services), building inspection, meter reading and public access. A significant example of the return on investment will be in the police department. The police department returned $80,000 to the City and identified the reduced costs of overtime to the Wi-Fi network. This amount is based on 3 FTE * 1.5 hours * $20/hr * 3 shifts * 356 days. This does not take into account the intangible of having the officer on the street an additional 1.5 hours per shift per day. The Metro Mesh network will read the city’s automated water, electric and gas meters (AMR’s), eliminating the high costs to roll out trucks and drivers. In towns and cities, these savings represent thousands of dollars a month without reducing community services. Frontier Broadband has provided similar proposals to several other Texas cities.

Granbury is the first community to launch a mixed use citywide Wi-Fi network. Frontier Broadband provides specialized municipal Wi-Fi networks that provide a secure Public Safety network as well as a Public Access service. For municipalities that only have dial up or limited DSL services, the mobile mesh Wi-Fi network provides a great solution for the city and its residents. Not only does it provide high speed Internet access up to 1Meg – it is very cheap – average costs are $19.95 a month.

Frontier Broadband is able to install a mobile mesh network in town or city within 45 days of signing a contract. Frontier Broadband will provide private mobile mesh Wi-Fi systems at Universities (including student dorms or apartments), private institutions, large corporations, camping/RV grounds, sporting complexes and other areas that require high speed Internet broadband access without the wire.


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