Window projection adds footfall, says POPAI research

From: 3M United Kingdom plc
Published: Wed Oct 31 2007

Research commissioned by 3M, the diversified technology company, and POPAI, the global association for point-of-sale marketing, demonstrates the effectiveness of back-projecting dynamic promotional messages onto shop windows using Vikuiti Rear Projection Film from 3M.

In a research project at four high profile retail locations in The Netherlands involving more than 24,000 shopper observations and 1,562 interviews, 85% of shoppers thought that the digital video content projected onto the Vikuiti window screens enhanced each store's image. Recognition of specific promotional messages was also extremely high: up to 64% of shoppers recalled at least one themed message without prompting and 57% felt they had learned something from the displays.

"We compared the two shops with Vikuiti Rear Projection Film and two without," said Willem Arns, Visual Marketing Manager, Intersport. "What really stuck out was the attention that the Vikuiti screens received from the passers by. They were really surprised and we had a huge reach. Intersport is very enthusiastic about this solution. We see a lot of opportunities for Vikuiti Rear Projection Film and, together with 3M and POPAI, we are discussing the possibilities."

"The solution drew enormous attention to our shops with passers by and shoppers mentioning that it modernised T-Mobile’s image," said Eefje Vogelaar, Content Manager, T-Mobile. "Vikuiti screens really contribute to the ‘experience’ of shopping in T-Mobile outlets and we now have five shops in The Netherlands with Vikuiti Rear Projection Film installed."

In addition to being highly effective at grabbing the attention of passers-by, the research demonstrated that the Vikuiti screens also had a direct impact on customer footfall into each store. Between 0.8% and 1.8% of all passers-by actually stopped to view the window screens and 2.5% of all passers-by entered the store because of what they saw on the displays. With more than 100,000 potential shoppers passing by each store per week, these percentages translated into a significant increase in footfall into each store. Of those who entered the stores, up to 33% did so because of the window messages.

Researchers studied two branches of the sportswear shop Intersport and two T-Mobile outlets, each of which showed a mix of thematic brand messages and promotional clips that were projected onto Vikuiti Rear Projection Film applied to the insides of the branch windows. The Intersport window screens were regarded as innovative by 92% of those interviewed, with 88% agreeing that the projected content enhanced the mood in the store window. At the T-Mobile stores 64% of those interviewed spontaneously recalled the promotional messages for mobile phones that were displayed on the window screens as they entered the store.

"This research demonstrates convincingly that in-window advertising and promotion is more than just window-dressing – its messages really get through and actually bring in business," commented Lloyd Cole, European Marketing Manager, 3M Digital Signage & Optical Systems. "Vikuiti Rear Projection Film helps retailers to turn passers by into shoppers," he concluded.

Vikuiti Rear Projection Film
The versatile, self-adhesive Vikuiti Rear Projection Film transforms store windows into a vibrant branding and promotions tool, by allowing video, static images and dynamic messaging to be projected directly onto the surface. Images can be read easily from long distances and all angles, even in challenging lighting conditions. Crisp, high contrast image quality combined with 180-degree viewability, make it ideal for shop fronts with narrow pavements. Plus, the Vikuiti Film can be cut to any desired shape and size, reflecting, for example, company logos and brands.

The research
POPAI and 3M Netherlands commissioned market research firm Locatus to conduct a study into the effectiveness of the Vikuiti system in four stores in The Netherlands: the Zwolle and Utrecht branches of the sports clothing and equipment retailer, Intersport; and Zoetermeer and Utrecht branches of T-Mobile, the telephone and communications provider. Both Intersport and T-Mobile screens showed customised digital content comprising a mix of thematic messages and promotional clips.

Researchers conducted a combination of interviews and observations. In total, 821 interviews were carried out at Intersport and 741 at T-Mobile. In addition, 24,688 observations were recorded: 7129 at Intersport, Zwolle; 2154 at Intersport, Utrecht; 9197 at T-Mobile, Zoetermeer; and 6208 at T-Mobile, Utrecht.

To download a copy of the report go to and follow links to Rear Projection Displays.
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