Is Ash Singh the Coolest Sikh?

From: Coolest Sikh
Published: Thu Oct 27 2005

Ash Singh the writer and owner of and other properties like is trying to bring a level of coolness to the idea of being Sikh. He is planning to use his blog at to promote himself as being the Coolest Sikh online.

"I wanted to do something like Brad Fallon did in creating himself as the coolest guy on the planet according to Google, but wanted to do it support my Sikh background." said Ash Singh in an interview earlier this week. Well we wish him well in become the Coolest Sikh and we are sure the Sikh community will openly help Ash reach his goal as Ash is an active member of the Sikh community and is always giving back to fellow Sikh’s.

The project will be launched on the website and will be support by advertising agencies like Adverted Internet Advertising Agency and with the help of services like Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing, "we are also looking to companies like TextLinkBrokers and LinkWorth to further help Ash with his goal" said Stephen M. Noton one of the consultants working on the project with Mr. Singh.

This project will be going live in the next few weeks and we will keep you updated to the progress and success rate for Ash Singh’s goal of becoming the Coolest Sikh.
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