Blair 'Betrays' Britain

From: UKIP
Published: Thu Oct 27 2005

Mr Titford said: "Tony Blair’s speech was absolutely sickening. His grandiose call for greater integration by extending European Union influence in a whole range of new policy areas including taxation, was effectively a thumbing of his nose not only at the electorates of France and the Netherlands but at the British electorate, which he knows full well do not support his ‘vision’.

"His speech exposes the fundamental breakdown of democratic accountability for which the EU must take so much responsibility. Politicians in Europe get themselves elected on national platforms which make no mention of plans to give away more governmental powers to the unelected bureaucracy of the EU. As soon as they are in office they make commitments at EU summits and in speeches at EU institutions, for which they have no mandate whatsoever.

"Furthermore, when referenda are held in EU member states and the electorates in those countries emphatically reject further integration, in the form of the EU Constitution, their wishes are treated with the utmost contempt. Mr Blair’s speech basically said that integration must go on and to hell with the electorate.

"Tony Blair has betrayed Britain by opening up the floodgates for endless interference in the way our country is governed".

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