Tableau v1.5 Debuts

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Published: Thu Oct 27 2005

Most Dramatic Advancement in Visual Analysis Technology Also Boasts Revolutionary New Interface that Brings Business Intelligence to Mainstream Business Users

SEATTLE, October 27, 2005 – Tableau Software, the global leader in visual analysis software, today launched Tableau v1.5, one of the most powerful visual analysis software available for mainstream business users in all industries. Tableau v1.5 enables users to see and understand their data and their businesses like never before.

"Organizations all over the world are quickly and enthusiastically employing our technology to derive better insights and to support better decision-making," said Christian Chabot, CEO and Co-founder. "We’re very proud that our customers use words and phrases like ‘revolutionary,’ ‘break-through,’ and ‘massive productivity enhancer’ to describe our products."

Microsoft Database Support
Tableau v1.5 has added database support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services to increase customer productivity. Tableau already supported connections to Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Access, SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services.

Revolutionary New Interface
Tableau v1.5 delivers a new suite of tools branded Tableau ShowMe!TM (patent pending) designed to help people automatically create useful views of data they care to
investigate. Users simply select data fields then click the ShowMe! button. The software automatically generates the best analytical view of that data.

Precise Analytical Control and Formatting of Data
Tableau v1.5 has added increased control and formatting that includes: customized sort ordering, multiple scales for axes in the same display, color binning and palette selection, font and number formats, and support for customized labels, descriptions, and captions.

Enhanced Microsoft Office Integration
Tableau v1.5 makes it easier than ever to export high-resolution data displays to Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint and to export cross-tabs to Excel. The product even automatically generates captions for presentations.

"At Microsoft, we use Excel spreadsheets and Pivot tables to perform detailed analysis, but with Tableau we’ve been able to bring analytics to a new level," said Taylor Hawes, controller of Global Platforms and Operations at Microsoft Corp. "Our ability to evaluate five, six or seven dimensions visually, expanded greatly our ability to have insight on trends and outliers within the data. I think Tableau will have a significant impact on visual analytics."

About Tableau Software
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