Derbyshire MEP Derek Clark questions Government on Bombardier contract award

Published: Wed Oct 12 2011

Derby MEP Derek Clark has backed calls for the Government to change its mind on the controversial Bombardier decision.

Mr Clark said he supported the latest calls from workers, who today (Wednesday) lobbied MPs as part of a campaign to persuade the Government to change its mind over a lucrative train-building contract.

The Derby-based firm has announced 1,400 job cuts after losing out to German company Siemens on a £1.4 billion contract to build Thameslink trains.

Bombardier workers were addressed by union leaders, including Bob Crow of the Rail Maritime and Transport Union.

And Mr Clark, who attended the previous rally in London and the march in Derby in the summer, backed the calls.

He said: "I continue to support Bombardier in its fight to win the Thameslink contract and all those others who are doing so. Bob Crow is absolutely right.

"Why does our Government allow such a contract to go abroad at the cost of our own work force, especially when contracts for rolling stock in France, Germany and Spain go to their home manufacturers?

"Why did our Government use a consultancy to advise it on the placing of the contract when the consultancy in question, once UK-based, was taken over by a French firm - one of whose major shareholders is SCNF, the French railway system?"
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