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Published: Thu Oct 27 2005

Nassau, Bahamas, New York and London -– International Private Banking Systems (IPBS), the specialist provider of wealth management software for the private banking sector, today announced that Geronimo Partners Holdings LLC (Geronimo) of Denver, Colorado, USA has replaced its existing IT infrastructure with a suite of fully integrated .NET solutions to underpin their operations and is now live with the new IPBS solution.

Geronimo through its subsidiary Tuus Financial LLC (Tuus) is a licensed Foreign Capital Depository in the State of Colorado, offering all the benefits of offshore Private and Trust Banking and Asset Management to clients from their onshore base in Colorado. In 2001 the Colorado State Legislature enacted a statute to allow "Foreign Capital Depository" private banking entities to offer Private Trust banking services to non US-residents, and non-US citizens in the State of Colorado. This new law in effect allows foreign investors to avail themselves of the US political and market stability, stringent banking secrecy, and well established legal system. This new legislation protects the privacy of client assets to a level previously associated with Swiss banking.

Geronimo through its subsidiary companies Geronimo Partners Asset Management (Geronimo Asset Management) and Tuus, an International Private Bank and Trust offer investment services to its fast growing high and ultra-high net worth private and institutional clients with individual portfolios exceeding USD 200 Mio managed by their team of 20 investment professionals.

The search for a proven, fully integrated, web enabled system that was affordable to license and maintain was a key driver in the search for a new IT provider which brought Geronimo to IPBS. The fully integrated, web enabled, multiple entity, multi-currency accounting and management information system, that provides the front, middle, and back office support services comprises the core applications of IPBS/Banking, IPBS/Investments, IPBS/Trusts, IPBS/Funds, IPBS/Remote Client Access and IPBS/Compliance. Built on .NET technology and supported by a team of industry and IT professionals, the IPBS solution perfectly meets the stringent demands of both Geronimo and Tuus.

Using "single source" data entry, the IPBS system has been designed to maximize the time of the investment management team, allowing them to avoid duplication of administrative effort, thereby minimizing risk associated with multiple data entry points and to increase the efficiency of the transaction processing required. A key feature of the solution is an electronic interface with Geronimo’s Prime Brokers and Custodian Bear Stearns to import executed trade activity and corporate actions using the Straight Through Processing (STP) model.

Importantly, the group’s clients will have secure, 24/7 access to their portfolios, and can utilize sophisticated, web-enabled tools to monitor their investments and be as involved as they wish in the strategies used to maximize their investments.

David P. Prokupek, founder and Chairman of Geronimo Partners Holdings comments, "Our Group of investment companies is in a unique and privileged position. We are trusted by our clients to maximize their investment strategies within a highly secure, efficient and cost effective technical environment. Our business is totally focused on providing the highest quality of service to our clients and to that end we need to base our business on a stable IT infrastructure."

Roland Hurni-Gosman, President and CEO of Tuus Financial, the private trust banking entity added "From an operational perspective, we need user friendly systems designed to support our multi-strategy investment approach. IPBS not only understands our business model and both our requirements and those of our clients, they have built a technology platform and suite of applications which is highly regarded in the offshore private wealth management sector. The functionality, modularity, MS standard, .Net technology and ultimately the price – substantially less than the overall license cost, installation and ongoing maintenance expenditure combined that other vendors in the market are asking, there was no question from our due diligence result that the IPBS solution is the answer. This is rounded off with an efficient and totally professional approach of the IPBS team."

"At IPBS, our technology team is constantly evolving in order to meet the increasing demands of the offshore investment world. Understanding the business is essential, and where we succeed is in our ability to translate those dynamic business and regulatory requirements into robust IT applications that work within a fully integrated framework that is seamless to the investment teams and their operational staff. Privacy and security of data are essential elements of a system that Geronimo demands. I am delighted that we have proven over and above what ever else there is on the market, that IPBS can meet our clients’ demands," offered Bruce Raine, Founder and President.

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