Software Developers Speak Out on the Future of the “Palm Economy”

From: Talon Communications Group
Published: Fri Oct 28 2005

ComputingUnplugged, an online news magazine on mobile and wireless computing, has published a compelling feature article on the future of the Palm OS and Palm, Inc. based on the views of several top developers of mobile software. The recent changes, including the acquisition of PalmSource by Access and the move by Palm, Inc. to work with Microsoft to develop a Windows Mobile version of its Treo smartphone, could have significant impact on the large number of companies that develop software for the Palm OS.

ComputingUnplugged asked five Palm OS developers five main questions:

* What are your thoughts about the Windows Treo and PalmSource's sale to ACCESS?
* Do you intend to continue to develop Palm OS software? If so, for how long? Do you have any concerns?
* Do you currently develop Windows Mobile software? Do you intend to start developing for the Windows Mobile platform?
* Do you still consider the Palm OS software market a viable business opportunity?
* Do you have any other comments or opinions on this news?

The developers they interviewed were:

* Kevin Benedict, CEO of MobileDataforce, whose chief products are Intercue Mobility Suite and PointSync
* David Haupert, CEO of DDH Software, who produces the well-known HanDBase product
* Iain Barclay, co-founder and chief products officer of Electric Pocket, whose products are BugMe!, Ringo and Busker MP3
* Jim Brady, CEO of Earthcomber, who makes the Earthcomber Spot Guides, and
* Todd Sherman, president of Smart Box Design, devekioer of Word Watch, Farkle and WordPop! games

David Gewirtz, publisher of ComputingUnplugged, said, "This is a very interesting view into the world of those companies that make the Palm OS. After all, without the after-market and the programs that deliver unique features to the handhelds, the Palm would be just another organizer."

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