From Tina Turner to the Girl Next Door

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Published: Fri Oct 28 2005

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The Gentlemen¡¦s Club, A Story for All Women

From Tina Turner to the Girl Next Door
Why Women Stay with Abusive Men

Someone you know is probably with an abusive partner ¡V or maybe you are involved in a damaging relationship yourself. Whether the abuse is verbal or physical, it¡¦s devastating to the person on the receiving end. But the sad fact is that most women who are dating or married to abusive men have a hundred excuses why they won¡¦t or can¡¦t leave.

(Loveland, CO) Becky Due has been there, and now she wants to help others find their way out of stress and abuse to happiness and fulfillment. This author and motivational speaker will give your listeners the advice they need to take back their lives, no matter what their situation. Becky reveals:
č 3 signs you are getting yourself into a vulnerable situation that might leave you open to abuse.
č 4 things everyone can do to help women and children.
č 5 ways society actually encourages women to tolerate abuse.
č How to help yourself or someone you love get out of a bad relationship

Becky Due was molested when she was 11 years old, and then she married an abusive man. Now committed to empowering others, she has extensive experience in working with crisis situations. She has been a guest speaker at several abuse awareness events, and has been trained at Victim Services where she worked the 24-hjour sexual assault crisis line and offered one-on-one assistance and support to rape victims. Through her novel The Gentlemen¡¦s Club, A Story for All Women, she aims to help women change their lives.


The Gentlemen¡¦s Club, A Story for All Women
Becky Due ♦ 970-227-4916 ♦
The Gentlemen¡¦s Club, A Story for All Women ♦ ISBN: 0-9746212-0-x
Blue the Bird, On Flying ♦ ISBN: 0-9746212-1-8

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