Home School Football- The Last Frontier

From: Texas Home School Coalition
Published: Fri Oct 28 2005

Brenham, Texas, October 28, 2005 - On a clear Texas night, with cows and trains in the background, two teams prepared for the ultimate face-off. While there were no marching bands or cheerleaders-just moms on the sidelines chanting their positive yells and siblings playing on the sidelines-the teams were ready for battle. However, this was not like other games. The first indication of a difference was the giant huddle in the middle of the field as the players from both teams prayed together for a good game. Next, the whole audience participated in the national anthem. Finally, the game started. A casual observer would not have known from the intensity of the players or the audience that this was home school football in Texas.

The Austin Cougars were playing the Bryan/College Station Mustangs for the first time this season. Neither had won a game, so this game would decide their ranking in the 6-man football league. While the San Antonio FEAST Patriots had a 6-2 season, the teams on the field tonight, both in their first seasons, had battled uphill all fall season.

There were great runs down the field, turnovers, tough tackles, and great strategies. On the last play-a penalty play-there were five men tackling a determined runner who was stopped at the one-yard line. An unnamed referee said that the home school teams fought as hard as the regular school teams. The Cougars walked away with a 47-20 win.

This year three home school teams took the field in the 6-man football league. Although new for Texas, the rise of football in the home school community is a national phenomenon, with Georgia and Wisconsin leading in the number of teams and years of practice.

"Home educators have already developed their own National Basketball Tournament and National World Series for baseball. I can foresee a national football playoff in the near future," said THSC President Tim Lambert. "Home school parents are determined to provide opportunities for their children, and football is the last frontier for us."


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