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From: Clickatell
Published: Fri Oct 28 2005

The price reduction is possible for a number of reasons: over the last few months Clickatell has significantly increased the number of its direct operator connections. In addition it has streamlined its portfolio of upstream providers to offer better reliability and redundancy, and connections to an improved range of providers. Finally, due to Clickatell’s increasing volumes, it has been able to negotiate better prices from its suppliers.

SMS volumes around the world are poised to reach 1,000 billion in 2005, and a massive 2.38 trillion in 2010, according to Portio Research’s latest report, "Mobile messaging futures, 2005 – 2010". Indeed, the research house said that 761 billion SMS were sent in 2004 – that’s over 100 messages for every man, woman and child on the planet.

Users of mobile messaging are increasingly turning to Clickatell to take advantage of the global reach of its gateway. Clickatell offers mobile text delivery to over 550 mobile operators and provides advanced message delivery reports and confirmation to almost all these destinations.

Clickatell’s customers gain immediate access to global SMS delivery with no set-up costs, improved time to market and reduced development costs. Typically service providers would have to negotiate individual contracts and interconnections with a range of mobile network operators to gain the same coverage that Clickatell provides. In addition, Clickatell’s team of systems experts takes care of managing and testing these connections. Clickatell routes and load balances its customers’ traffic for optimum performance.

Clickatell’s customers range from mobile operators, Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, banks and government agencies to mobile content providers, SMEs, start-ups and consumers. In addition, over 5,000 developers around the world deploy mobile data services by developing and integrating their applications directly onto the Clickatell messaging gateway.

"Clickatell was the first company to aggregate SMS networks on a global basis and make sending a text as easy as sending an email," said Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell CEO. "We are still making it quicker and easier for our customers to send their messages around the world and we do it better than anyone else."

Routes affected by the recent price decrease include: Australia, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Netherlands and Qatar.

Clickatell, , is the world’s leading enabler of global messaging services, providing mobile messaging services and connectivity across 550 mobile operators to customers in 180 countries worldwide ranging from Fortune 500 companies and leading global brands to SMEs and developers. Clickatell is an actively contributes to the mobilizing of business around the world and is a member of various industry forums and associations including the GSM Association, the Open Mobile Alliance.
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