City Refunds $1 Million in Red Light Fines – Are Other Cities Also at Fault?

Published: Fri Oct 28 2005

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Motorists have long made the claim that they do not deserve a ticket from one of those red light cameras, and the evidence now shows that they are right.

Drivers are apparently justified by using PhotoBlocker (tm) spray on license and registration plates to prevent automated red light camera tickets. Drivers claim to use the spray as a form of self-defense against faulty tickets.

Union City, Calif. has been forced to refund $1 million in fines improperly collected from a red light camera at an intersection with a short yellow light.

The revelation and admission of guilt begs the question about how many other cities are guilty of the same tactic in the name of increased revenue.

Union City admitted to trapping motorists with a yellow signal time that was 1.3 seconds below the minimum required by state law, according to published reports. Over 3,000 tickets were mailed out between July and September with a fine of $351 each.

What had been thought to be a great new revenue source for the city has become a major expense instead. The situation places into question the use of red light cameras nationwide. How many other cities have short yellow lights in order to produce higher revenues from fines?

According to a report by the California State Auditor, over 77 percent of all red light tickets are given for violations that happen when the light has been red for less than one second.

A short yellow light forces drivers to decide between running the light and slamming on the brakes and risking a rear end collision. A study by the Texas Transportation Institute found that adding an extra second of yellow time can cut accidents by 40 percent or more.

Drivers have lost confidence in the faulty technology and are turning to a simple method of self-defense – PhotoBlocker (tm) spray.

PhotoBlocker (tm) is a simple aerosol spray that when applied to a license plate does not in any way alter the appearance of the plate to the naked eye, but the flash picture from a red-light camera or speed camera makes the number on the plate unreadable.

"Drivers are tired of getting tickets they do not deserve. The cost in time and money to defend themselves is excessive, so they would rather use our spray to save money by preventing the unjust tickets. We want our roads to be safe, and we do not encourage anyone to break the law. But we know how frustrating it is to get a ticket you do not deserve," explained Scott.

The demand for cans of PhotoBlocker (tm) spray grows steadily every month, with sales of over 350,000 cans protecting over 1 million vehicles on six continents.

"We get calls, e-mails and letters from many professionals who are very happy with the effectiveness of PhotoBlocker spray. Journalists, doctors, lawyers, firefighters, teachers, and judges themselves have resorted to using PhotoBlocker spray to avoid entrapment," said Scott.

The company is located in Harrisburg, Pa. and has a web site at with full details about the product and information for dealers and affiliates.

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