Google Advertising Professional Stephen M. Noton Celebrates One Year GAP Anniversary

From: Internet Advertising Agency
Published: Sat Oct 29 2005

As the first year of the Google Advertising Professionals program draws to a close, the pioneers of the program -- including Noton -- have demonstrated excellence in service to their clients and in upholding the high standards required of the GAP program itself. Noton has been involved in AdWords campaigns during the past year which have reached a combined total value in the six figure area. In other words, Noton joins with the group of other GAP designees in contributing to the dramatic rise in Google’s stock value to the $300 U.S. plus range. Additionally, through Noton’s efforts, a wide array of different companies have been able to grow and expand their markets thanks to the power of the Internet and Noton’s advertising programs.

During the past year, Yahoo! has launched its Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador program of which Noton is also a participating member. Microsoft is considering a similar program in the not too distant future.

Becoming designated as a Google Advertising Professional is not an easy task. A person like Noton needs to pass the requisite examinations. Once those hurdles are overtaken, a person interested in the program must manage a large enough client campaign to meet the minimum requirements set forth by Google. After successfully managing an appropriately sized client for ninety days a participant in the program is given a Qualified Google Advertising Professional designation. If you continue on course as Noton has done, you become a full-fledged Google Advertising Professional. Noton’s Google Advertising Professional feature page at Google can be found at:

The easiest method at the present time of find a Google Advertising Professional is to go to and do a search for a "Google Advertising Professional" in your city, region or country.

Noton has noted that if a person is in Singapore and has some free time, guests are always welcome at the Adverted Internet Advertising Agency Office and celebrate with Stephen and the other team players on this anniversary. To get directions to the office visit
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