Third International Vedic Conference held in Delhi

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Published: Sat Oct 29 2005

Atma Jyothi Award to Mr. D R Kaarthikeyan and call for imbibing the core values of the Vedic Culture.
"The Vedas are not just something to be memorized and recited, but are a blue print to the Existence", said Sadhguru, the Founder of Isha Yoga Foundation, who inaugurated the 3rd International Vedic Conference at Sri Sathya Sai International Centre, in New Delhi. Elaborating further he said "Just as there is a technology to engineer the world outside, there is also a technology to engineer the inner situation and achieve well-being of the Mind, Body, &Soul. "

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasdev, a Realised Master, Yogi & Mystic, inaugurated the third vedic convention, organized jointly by Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Research Institute of Vedic Culture, on Oct. 22nd & 23rd, 2005. Sadhguru also presented the Atma Jyothi award to Mr. D.R.Karthikeyan - Former CBI Director and former Director General, National Human Rights Commission. Complementing Mr. Kaarthikeyan, Sadhguru said that although he had not met many police officers in his life, Mr. Karthikeyan was exceptional in his gentleness, humility and sensitivity to life around. Lauding his deep commitment and enthusiasm to work for the well-being of humanity, Sadhguru said that the world needed many more people in uniform like Mr. Kaarthikeyan.

Sadhguru also presented the award to Prof. Dr. B.M. Hegde: Former V.C., Manipal Academy of Higher Education, for his lifetime commitment to providing education on par with global standards in the country and abroad.

Speaking on the importance of Vedas, Sadhguru who is also referred to as the ‘rational guru’, gave many instance of the relevance of Vedas to modern life.

"The Vedas are the repository of the culture of this land over many millenniums of human civilization - a culture so gentle and enlightened that even Gods came down to live here. Deep love and reverence for all creation formed the basic tenets of this distilled essence of wisdom of the countless sages, seers and enlightened beings. At a time when the life of the planet is driven to the brink of extinction from the excesses and misuse of modern science, it is all the more important that the world looks increasingly towards the Vedic knowledge and values for a solution," he said

"Unfortunately, after centuries of destruction and suppression of this culture, what is available to the layperson today is not the glory of the ancient, but a complex jumble of superstitions, myths and blatant distortions. Wanton trivialization and commercialization of this precious and sacred knowledge has made it sound ridiculous and distasteful to the young and the intelligent.

"It is therefore, highly fitting that along with pooling and collating the ancient knowledge still available with us from various sources, that we also authenticate, validate and popularize this knowledge. We hope these will fill up the current lacunae in our understanding the ancient knowledge." He added.

Other speakers at the conference include Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Padma Vibhushan, Member of Parliament, Jurist and Spiritual Thinker, Dr. Naresh Treehan, Padma Vibhushan, Cardiac Surgeon, and Padma Vibhushan Dr. Karan Singh, Member of Parliament, eminent scholar and spiritual thinker.

‘Sounds of Isha’, Isha’s exclusive music group rendered a special concert of songs composed in different mystical traditions, that enthralled the audience.

Sw. Nisarga
Isha Foundation

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