Classic Deep Purple Album Who Do We Think We Are Released on Audio Fidelity’s 24KT Gold Disc

From: Audio Fidelity
Published: Sat Oct 29 2005

Ventura, CA--10/31/05--There is gold in the vaults of Audio Fidelity! Another audiophile classic rock collection is now available. The Deep Purple Mark II lineup, arguably their finest, set the heavy rock-blues world on fire with their 1973 release Who Do We Think We Are. Now it’s preserved in the sparkling format rendered so meticulously through the guiding hands of Audio Fidelity’s esteemed leader Marshall Blonstein.

A day prior to its official release, the title sold out due to the incredible pre-order response. A new shipment is now on its way to fill the demand for this landmark recording. The veracious appetite of collectors and audiophiles seems to have no boundaries once a great title such as Who Do We Think We Are is released.

The importance of this title is evident with tracks like "Woman From Tokyo," "Rat Bat Blue" and "Super Trouper." The album made its mark on history shortly after its initial release in 1973 and now in 2005 the history books have another chapter added to the legacy of Deep Purple. We live in a great time to be music lovers and with far superior equipment for our music listening pleasure and formats like the 24KT Gold Disc to enjoy; it makes all of our experiences more enjoyable every step of the way.

After listening to this album in its superb crisp sound you will realize unequivocally-this is the way great rock ‘n’ roll music was meant to sound like all along. So we have yet another instant collector’s item from Audio Fidelity. Its becoming a fact of life if you are a serious listener…this label takes all of their projects very seriously and the outcome is in what you hear when you turn the volume up.

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