Lawsuit Loan Helps Young Family Survive Terrible Accident

From: Beacon Legal Finance
Published: Mon Oct 31 2005

Young 20-year old Brian, his pregnant 17-year old wife and their young child were stopped at a stop sign in the summer of 2004 when another driver changed their lives forever. That person drove his truck into their automobile sending both vehicles flying.

Both Brian and his wife had to be extracted by the fire department after being pinned in their car and then airlifted to the hospital. There were no skid marks after this accident and the other driver was cited by the police on the scene for an improper action. The other driver would later try to blame Brian for his not stopping, but the other driver admitted his guilt when he paid the ticket he received in the mail for the accident without contesting it.

Both Brian and his wife had extensive injuries, and Brian has not been able to return to work due since the accident because of his injuries. The family’s medical bills alone exceeded $65,000 and more bills are expected. Because of the mounting medical bills and the lack of a steady income in the household, Brian and his wife are in a dire financial condition.

To pay his family’s medical bills and receive justice for an accident that he did not cause, Brian hired a lawyer who filed a lawsuit after this car accident. To make ends meet, Brian searched for a financial solution. Brian discovered that he could receive cash today if he agreed to give up a portion of the future cash settlement of his lawsuit. The pricing of the lawsuit funding was expensive, but it seemed fair when Brian learned that he did not have to pay back the lawsuit funding if his case lost or did not settle for enough cash to pay back the lawsuit funding.

Brian checked out the different lawsuit funding companies that are on the internet. One of the companies that Brian found seemed to be different. Their people treated him with professionalism and respect despite his financial troubles. The rates were competitive and the response time was fast. That company was Beacon Legal Finance, a leader in providing lawsuit funding to plaintiffs with high quality lawsuits. Beacon Legal Finance provided Brian with financial help from lawsuit funding when he needed it most.

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