Have you pimed your ride? Then expect to be hit where it hurts - in the wallet

From: Hoot Car Insurance
Published: Mon Oct 31 2005

If you’ve got an old banger that’s got less sex appeal than a grey sock, then you might be hankering after the kind of car modification magic offered by MTVs’ car modification programme, Pimp My Ride, to drivers of real clunkers. If you dream of roll cages, big fat exhausts and bucket seats however, you may be in for a shock when you come to buy your car insurance.

Modifying your car will affect your car insurance premium. Car manufacturers work with car insurance companies to insure cars at a certain standard. If you modify your car, for example by souping up the engine, then the chances are the factors on which your premiums are based will have changed. This might mean that the number of insurers who will insure you is cut dramatically. It might cost you a lot more now that your car is flashier than KITT from Knight Rider, so if you can’t afford the tight leather pants you should think long and hard about changing your car beyond recognition.

As Paul Jenson from Hoot Car Insurance www.hootcarinsurance.co.uk points out:

"You might think that you’re creating a dream machine but consider how much it could cost you in the long run. Insurance companies might run a mile because your car no longer fits the standard as determined by insurers and manufacturers and is more likely to be stolen. Also consider that when it comes to sell your gleaming purple passion wagon, that the buying market will be pretty limited."

If you’re still convinced that you need to lower your suspension and black out your windows then Hoot Car Insurance have put together a few tips:

• The exhaust system must stretch out from the main body of the car. Poisonous fumes will otherwise engulf the car and you’ll get very ill, or worse

• You mustn’t fit red lights at the front or white lights at the back

• You can’t have any bells or music in place of the standard horn (you should restrict yourself to horns only)

• Tyres mustn’t stick out from the body of the vehicle as they overload and put strain on the axles

• Don’t lower your driving seat so that you can’t see out of the window. This could be extremely dangerous and could cause an accident

So before you head off to Halfords check whether you’re making a mistake by altering your car. Otherwise it could be a real pain in the wallet.


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