"Big World View: The Big Picture Of Life And Where We Fit In" - new publication answers main questio

From: Rev. Bill McGinnis
Published: Mon Oct 31 2005

"Big World View: The Big Picture Of Life, And Where We Fit In" is the title of a booklet published yesterday, written by Rev. Bill McGinnis, and placed in the Public Domain.

This booklet considers the nature of God, the nature of good and evil, the Bible, Jesus Christ, the purpose of life, the most important thing God wants us to do, the reasons for disasters, rules of human behavior, democracy and equality under the law, the legitimate powers of government, human rights, universal salvation, the place of religions other than Christianity, sexuality, abortion, the beginning of life at the moment of first heartbeat, birth control, capital punishment, and war.

A website has been created for this booklet, at http://www.bigworldview.com. And it is available for free download in various formats, at these locations:HTML latest version at http://www.loveallpeople.org/bigworldview.html; latest text version (.txt) at http://www.loveallpeople.org/bigworldview.txt; PDF latest version at http://www.loveallpeople.org/bigworldview.pdf.

Rev. Bill McGinnis is an Internet Christian minister, writer, and publisher. He is Director of LoveAllPeople.org, a small private think tank in Alexandria, Virginia, and all of its related websites, including InternetChurchOfChrist.org, ComitteeForTheGoldenRule.org, CivicAmerican.com, and EssaysAndCommentaries.com. His agenda is to help maximize the happiness and well-being of all people.

Please visit us at http://www.loveallpeople.org.

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