Motorists Worry about Faulty Red Light and Speed Cameras As Ohio Politicians Debate a Ban

Published: Mon Oct 31 2005

COLUMBUS, Ohio – City officials claim they are adding red light enforcement cameras as fast as possible in an effort to reduce accidents, and with the hope of collecting millions in new revenue – ignoring problems reported all over the country.

Legislators are debating a ban on the cameras, and motorists are turning to PhotoBlocker (tm) spray as a form of self-defense against cameras that have been proven wrong thousands of times.

All across the country there are continuos media reports of red light and speed camera systems that make errors. Innocent motorists are getting tickets when they should not. The cost of fighting the faulty tickets is high because of lost time from work and legal fees, and the assumption by courts that the cameras do not make mistakes.

Although many just pay the fine and move on with life, some have banded together to fight, resulting in some cities refunding fines costing taxpayers millions. A story in the Toledo Blade reported that 43 percent of drivers who go through the trouble to appeal speed camera tickets succeed in getting the ticket dismissed.

Official studies have been conducted that show the best way to reduce accidents at intersections is to lengthen the duration of the yellow light, but that method does not produce revenue so cities are opting for the camera systems instead. A study in Washington, D.C. shows that accidents at intersections have dramatically increased with the addition of the cameras. Drivers panic when they see the red light camera and hit the brakes, which often causes a rear end collision.

While politicians debate the merits of the program and fight over banning the cameras, motorists are taking action to protect themselves from the faulty tickets.

"Drivers resent getting tickets they do not deserve. The cost in time and money to defend themselves is excessive, so they would rather use PhotoBlocker (tm) spray to save money by preventing the unjust tickets. We want our roads to be safe, and we do not encourage anyone to break the law. But we know how frustrating it is to get a ticket you do not deserve," explained Joe Scott of

PhotoBlocker (tm) is a simple aerosol spray that when applied to a license plate does not in any way alter the appearance of the plate to the naked eye, but the flash picture from a red-light camera or speed camera makes the number on the plate unreadable.

As more and more errors and problems are reported in the news, the demand for cans of PhotoBlocker (tm) spray continues to rise. The company reports sales of over 350,000 cans protecting over 1 million vehicles in 23 countries. The product is available from many local distributors, retail outlets, and over the Internet at

"We get calls, e-mails and letters from many professionals who are very happy with the effectiveness of PhotoBlocker spray. Journalists, doctors, lawyers, firefighters, teachers, and judges themselves have resorted to using PhotoBlocker spray to avoid entrapment," said Scott.

Joe Scott

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