Unique Video Streaming Business Opportunity Goes 'Down Under'

From: myVision Ltd
Published: Mon Oct 31 2005

Las Vegas-based network marketing company, VMdirect, announced today its pre-enrollment system for Australia and New Zealand opens 12:00 a.m. PST, Nov 1, 2005.

Parlaying off streaming video's explosive growth, VMdirect offers one of the most brilliant business opportunities in network marketing with unique products for a new marketplace. See http://www.video-email-opportunity.com

VMdirect will begin pre-registering for its home-based business opportunity in Australia and New Zealand in which Affiliates offer helloWorld's advanced streaming video products to consumers and small to mid-sized businesses. The pre-enrollment phase gives entrepreneurial-minded people the opportunity to reserve positions, giving them a head start on building their businesses before the January launch.

"Pre-enrollment is an invaluable opportunity for people to jumpstart their businesses and immediately quantify success," said Richard Kall, chairman of the board and networking legend. "This opportunity is special. Our breakthrough technology enables networkers to capitalize on the next wave of wealth created by the Internet."

VMdirect affiliates offer helloWorld's superior products. These products, only available through a VMdirect affiliate, boast the world's first fully-integrated streaming video email, instant chat and webcasting.

More specifically, these products include:

helloMail -- an email client with streaming video options that allow users to create or reply with text or video emails. The videos can be delivered in multiple media formats, ensuring higher delivery rates than ever before.

helloIM -- the most dynamic instant messaging tool available today. Instead of typing messages, one can send crisp, fluid streaming video, giving users the ability to see, talk and hear each other as if they were virtually face to face.

helloLive -- the first easy-to-use live webcasting tool designed with the consumer in mind. It allows one user to broadcast to 1000 simultaneous viewers.

With everything helloWorld has to offer, it has retained thousands of affiliates and customers. As a result, VMdirect is responding to a worldwide demand to offer the affiliate program in other countries.

"This business opportunity connects people and changes lives as our products give everyone the power of television with the same ease and simplicity of email," said Amy Black, VMdirect president. "It is a thrill to offer this opportunity to Australia and New Zealand as part of our global expansion."

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