Imagery Media Offers Clear Channel’s Radio a Clear Solution

From: Imagery Media
Published: Thu Mar 17 2005

Clear Channel, with its more than 110 million listeners, together with Imagery Media conceptualized the advergame for Z100 DJ, Romeo. It took over four months to develop, design, and complete.

"The game is so real," said Romeo. " My apartment, the subways, Central Park, The Empire State Building and Madison Square are all scaled perfectly...The graphics are incredible and we couldn’t have made a more ‘local’ game for our market." Romeo on the Run" is an advergame created to showcase Z100’s station most popular DJ. Featuring an evening celebrity in a game captures a deeper level of the market, and integrates on air show promotions and station events to capture a wider audience. Not many companies have been as successful coping with the challenges presented by technology as Clear Channel.

Creating a video game to showcase a person, product, or service is in effect a new trend.
Studies have shown that compelling messages can be recalled and retained no matter what the length. However the medium to deliver the message must be of interest. A game is guaranteed to draw attention, but not many companies are aware of the brand excitement it creates and how it can draw people to a web site. A well developed game incorporates the product and logo in a way that is welcomed by the players. Over time, when the investment is compared, a company can reach more consumers per dollar spent with a game than with any other type of advertisement.

Furthermore it reaches unexpected potential consumers. Romeo on the Run has been played in places such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Canada, Slovak Republic, Poland, UK, Hong Kong, Turkey, Sweden, Australia, France, Switzerland, Japan, Finland, Singapore, and Mexico, and lately has been visited 18,000 times per week by this large and diverse audience. A game attracts attention to a product, but captive and faithful buyers can only be held when a company is focused on serving them; Clear Channel and Imagery Media are a good example of this.
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