Jicey Precision’s shims are peelable by hand and by eye

From: FTPB
Published: Mon Oct 31 2005

Jicey Precision Shims of France, specialist in precision shims, has launched the Alkomposit Viewtek – a peelable laminated shim which revolutionises and simplifies the use of adjustment shims in industry. The shims are peelable by hand and operators can judge the thickness of the sheet by eye, for more efficient performance.

The Alkomposit Viewtek is a peelable laminated shim, composed of sheets of different thicknesses on each of the two sides (0.025mm on one side and 0.1mm on the other, for example). An exclusive, patented marking system indicates the thickness of the sheets on the whole median part of the shim. Due to the transparency of the composite material, the operator can see the thickness of the sheet they are peeling off instantly. The operator can therefore make the adjustment by peeling off the thickest sheets and end with the finest sheets. Sheet thickness is identified instantaneously and the desired size obtained quickly and easily.

This process, associated with the easy peelability of the composite used, leads to a considerable reduction in assembly time. Furthermore, every peelable sheet can be reused and also used as a single shim. Other advantages include its low density, excellent resistance to chemicals, double function (adjustment and sealing), safety in use (hand peeling requiring no tools), flexibility and wide range of temperature resistance (-70°C to +220°C) as well as its low cost relative to metal laminated shims.

About Jicey Precision Shims

Jicey, which is headquartered in the Paris region, has been a leading company in precision shims since 1946. Jicey produces and distributes a complete range of adjustment shims (peelable shims, ground or unground solid shims, separable shims and extra-thin single shims) in all dimensions and materials, for the aerospace, railway, automobile, mechanical engineering and public-works sectors. Jicey produces more than three million adjustment shims to order per year for more than 5,000 customers throughout the world.

For further information, please go to: www.jicey.com

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