Halloween at Blogcritics.org and Treats for Bloggers All Year Round

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Published: Mon Oct 31 2005

Halloween is a special time at online magazine Blogcritics.org as the "sinister cabal of superior bloggers" brings dozens of Halloween-themed movie, music, book, and TV reviews, spooky stories, and creepy news to more than 50,000 readers daily.

For the third year in a row, Blogcritics.org has collected Halloween treats for readers into a convenient index for your chilling and thrilling pleasure.

Among the Halloween '05 delights on Blogcritics.org:

* Duke de Mondo opens up the Halloween horror vault with a look at Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects
* Haunted Halloween hotels get harrowingly highlighted by Eric Olsen
* Modern Pea Pod unearths the perfect Halloween mix tape, featuring Gravediggaz and The White Stripes
* Ashok K. Banker gets the scoop on the spookiest Halloween of them all

Halloween is also a great time to remind bloggers of the unique features and benefits of being a part of Blogcritics.org.

More than 1,110 bloggers publish articles – the latest news, opinions, and reviews on music, books, film, popular culture, technology, and politics – at Blogcritics.org because of the immense value of membership. Dozens of bloggers become Blogcritics.org each month because they can share their best work from their "home blogs" with Blogcritics.org, giving them exponentially higher visibility than they would receive on their own.

That increased exposure often leads to increased traffic and enhanced search rank for members' home sites. Further, Blogcritics.org editors work with member bloggers to improve writing skills and reach "the next level," a service that doesn't exist at any other online media source of its kind.

But there's more: increased readership, heightened reputation and editing services are matched with participation in an intensely committed and passionate online community. Blogcritics members have the opportunity to interact with readers and other members – publicly in the open comments area of every post, and privately in the internal writer's e-mail group.

Other benefits that Blogcritics.org members enjoy include access to a vast array of review materials, including books, CDs, DVDs, film screenings, and concert tickets, as well as story tips and suggestions.

Here are some testimonials from Blogcritics.org members:

* "The way Blogcritics is set up meets my goals and objectives. As a writer who maintains a blog that is focused on writing and the publishing and book industry, I find Blogcritics offers an opportunity that can easily be used as a great resource by many writers who are in various stages in their career and their development." – Vikk Simmons

* "I have been with Blogcritics.org for about 15 months and have loved every moment of my involvement. All of the interactions I have had here have been fantastic. There are some great writers and people here who I have come to consider friends.

Besides the great people here, there is the exposure for my writing. I love the thought that people are actually reading my work. I also appreciate the work that all of the editors do. Once in awhile, I am lax in proof reading and I have had pleasant experiences with the editors. I appreciate pointing out errors as it is the only way I can hope to improve my writing. Yes, I do this for "free" but I am repaid in friendship, exposure, and of course the wonderful supply of review material.

I am not sure that I can adequately express how wonderful BC is and how I very much treasure the time that I spend here." – Chris Beaumont

* "I feel the Blogcritics.org experience has been integral to my shaping my writing. I can't help but think every Blogcritic doesn't hope, if they are not actually professional yet, that something like this could happen for them. Without the experience I have had writing for Blogcritics.org, I'm not sure I would have been able to hone my game to the point at which I would be offered a paid writing gig. Blogging need not be a dead-end, I'm finding, but if you really work at what you do, it can be a wide-open door." – Steve Huff, Blogcritic and blogging columnist for Court TV's Crime Library

* "Seven months ago I was looking for a way to practice my writing skills. Something was missing though. No matter how many words I wrote, or how many pages I'd publish, nothing felt right. That's when I made the decision that I should begin blogging. I needed a place where I could write and learn to develop some emotional detachment from the work. It was during one of those forays into searching for a means to get my name out there that I came across a site which offered links to a variety of places that published blogs in an online magazine format. Thus, was my affiliation with Blogcritics.org born.

In spite of my initial reluctance to understand that proper spelling and grammar could somehow be important to an article, I began to find a comfortable niche within the Blgocritics circle. I knew people were reading my articles because I would receive comments in my inbox on a daily basis.

Thankfully there have been many willing and able teachers and editors at Blogcritics who have taught met how to put my best foot forward when it comes to presenting my thoughts in typeface. By refusing to accept mediocrity on their site, and by assisting those willing to achieve the standards they have set, they have established an atmosphere that inspires both creativity and self-discipline.

The obvious benefit for me has been the noticeable improvement in my critical thinking." – Gypsyman

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