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Published: Mon Oct 31 2005

October 31, 2005 -- Online poker is on fire, its popularity fueled by a mixture of television advertisement, technology and for some, the allure of big money. Thanks to sophisticated computer software and high-speed internet connections, some of the biggest poker money is now being generated by online poker sites. According to, a Canadian company that tracks the online gaming industry, about $170 million was wagered in more than 100 online poker rooms during a recent 24-hour period.

"For those players looking for a successful way to participate in the online poker frenzy without risking any of their own money, Legends Of America is proud to introduce Build An Online Poker Bankroll For Free, our new book provides step by step instructions on how to build your poker bankroll with no investment," said Bob Braun, President of Legends Of America’s Poker Division, "If you’re a poker player who is looking to play for real money, this step by step guide will provide you with all the information you need to build your confidence."

"The book starts with a brief history of poker, a summary of online poker and fundamental poker concepts. It also details how to start your online poker bankroll with no investment, then provides step by step instructions on which poker sites to play and in what order to maximize your poker profits. This book is simply one of the best resources you’ll find on the internet." Braun stated. "We’ve developed a proven system that everyone from novice to professional poker players can follow, ( If you want to play online poker successfully, you must understand the online gaming world. "Build An Online Poker Bankroll For Free" provides all of this information in one place."

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