Teenage Rock Band’s Single “And Air” Free Download; Final Mix Now Available to Alternative Rock Fans

From: Munch Music
Published: Mon Oct 31 2005

Teenage Rock Band’s Single "And Air" Free Download; Final Mix Now Available to Alternative Rock Fans

Young Band’s Musical Download Originally Created to Encourage Donations for Red Cross Efforts Following Hurricane Katrina

Munch Music Delta, B.C., Oct 31, 2005 - Munch Music, Inc. - www.MyMunchMusic.com and www.RockandRollDream.com a digital recording studio issues the final mix of its first recording artist single, "And Air" by Van Paul and the Forever Red. The initial rough mix was released September 12, 2005 following Hurricane Katrina with an urgent message to "download to donate". The song’s lyrics remind us that what humanity needs most to survive is water "and air".

The song was written and recorded as a demo prior to Hurricane Katrina and was released immediately to encourage rock fans of all ages to donate to the Red Cross. The final mix of the musical download, now available, encourages ongoing donations (requested before each download) to the Red Cross to benefit the survivors of the hurricane on the Gulf Coast.

Sixteen year old songwriter and vocalist Taylor Van Zant noted, "When something of this magnitude happens, there is an immediate and massive response. We need to remember there is still a critical need to donate on an ongoing basis".

To donate and download: http://www.MyMunchMusic.com/downloads_VpFReds.htm
Please note that the song "And Air" will start playing as soon as the link is clicked on. The download is available at the following link: http://www.MyMunchMusic.com/downloads_VPFReds.htm

Van Paul and the Forever Red alternative rock band members include Taylor Van Zant (16 year old singer, guitarist and bass player), Patrick Snape (15 year old guitarist, bass player and back up vocals) and brothers Max (16 year old lead guitarist and pianist) and Nate Konyi (14 year old drummer).

Excerpt from "And Air"

"One day when the world shuts down,
I will need a light to see.
When the world gets dark and lonesome,
I will need someone with me.

I need, need, need it all,
To happen the way I want it to.
I need, need water to drink,
And air, and air, and air."

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